Answers 7A

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

2. What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Matthew 15:1-9 with Mark 7:1-8

3. From reading this account in Matthew 15:1-3 what makes you realize that the question about washing hands was a serious question that required a direct answer from Jesus?
Those in the delegation.  How far they have come.  It is a question of traditions.

4. From Mark 7:1-4 what are some of the detail given about this tradition?
Would not eat unless they had washed their hands,  they would wash after coming from the market place. Washing of cups, pots, brazen vessels and of tables.

5.What are some of the traditions that the church or people hold today act as though it were a law?
No jewelry, Women do not ware pants. No cutting of hair. No television or movies.

6. Do you know God’s word good enough to separate traditions from God’s truth? If not how can you change this? See 2 Timothy 2:15-16

7. Explain how Mark 7:6-8 could apply to present-day religious traditions and even cover a heart that is cold towards God, or even inward rebellion?
1. Honor God with their lips but their heart is far from Him. Say they love God but hate their brother.
2. When we worship in vain, with vain repetition or familiar traditions instead from the heart.
3. When we teach doctrines of men for the commandments of God. Lists of do’s and don’ts.

8.Considering the word “motives” are you ever over-zealous for the outward appearance of godliness.
Sometimes, Tom and I both try to watch and not be name droppers or letting our spirituality be about where we have been and what we have done instead of being about our relationship with Him.

Day 3 Read Mark 7:9-13 and Exodus 20:12

9. The word “Corban” means money dedicated for use in the temple, but were these men using this excuse to selfishly escape the support of their parents?
Yes and we do it today when we dedicate things to God and don’t meet our responsibilities.

10. How do you apply Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:1-3 to your present circumstances?
It is meeting their emotional, physical and financial needs.

11.Search your heart and share with the group how you have in the past are maybe still are twisting God’s word to excuse selfish desires?

Day 4 Read Mark 7:14-16

12. In your own words give the meaning of Mark 7:15

13. What was Jesus trying to teach his disciples with this statement?
We must learn to separate the physical realm from the spiritual realm.

14. When circumstances squeeze you, what comes out of your inner man?

Day 5 Read Matthew 15: 12-14 and Mark 7:17-23

15. From Matthew 15:12 what were the disciples afraid of?
Offending the Pharisees.

16. Explain Jesus answer to the disciples concern in Matthew 15:13-14
Leave them alone do not focus on changing peoples doctrine.

17. List the things that defile a man. Seek the Lord at to want things may still have a strong hold in your life? If you can share with the group your need from prayer and support. (Sometimes when we are willing to share honestly it will show others they are not alone in their weak areas and this gives them courage to overcome.)
Evil thought, adulteries, fornications, murder, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride and foolishness.