Answers Genesis 12 B

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

1.  From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

  2.  How did you apply what you learned last week to your life?

Day 2 Read Genesis 12:10-13

  3. What made Abram decide to go to Egypt?
Famine in the land.

  4. When you experience lack in our lives to whom or what do you turn? See also
       Philippians 4:11-13.

  5. What is missing from the story of Abram’s move into Egypt?
There is no mention of the Lord telling Abram to go to Egypt.

  6. What did Abraham gain by going to Egypt?
Immediate relief from the famine.

  7.  What character traits showed up in Abram when they went to Egypt? What do
        character traits show you about Abram decision?
Fear and deception show up in Abram and these traits show a lack of faith.

Day 3 Read Genesis 12:14-17

  8. What was the first thing Abram lost from going into Egypt?
His Faith for fear is always the opposite of faith.

  9. What did Abram get in exchange for Sarai?

  10. Do you think it was a fair exchange?  How can this happen in our own lives with our
       spouse or children?
     No it is not but many people trade their relationship with their spouse or children for

  11. What was the Lord’s response to this exchange?
    He had to intervene by sending a plague on the house of Pharaoh.

  12. How did the Lord’s actions differ from what he intended out of Abram? See also Genesis 12:2
The Lord intended Abram to be a blessing but He did say He would curse those who
cursed Abram but the Pharaoh’s wrong treatment of Abram was unintended.

  13. Can we depend on the world for our blessing and still be a blessing?
Not if we are depending on the world, true blessings only come from the Lord and
We can give those only as we receive from the Lord.

Day 4 Read Genesis 12:18-20

  14. How did Pharaoh view Abram as a blessing or a curse?
Pharaoh view Abram as a curse.

  15. What was Pharaoh’s response to Abram actions?
He wanted Abram to pack his things and leave.

Day 5 Read Genesis 13:1-4

16. To what place did Abraham return after he left Egypt?
Back to the place where we last saw him worshipping God.

  17. Have you ever taken a detour from God’s plan for your life only to find yourself
       right back to the same place were you left God’s intended destination? Explain your

18. Judging from Abraham’s experience in Egypt what does Micah 7:8-9 teach us about
      Sin…..God’s justice……God’s forgiveness?

      There are always consequences to sin. God will allow us to suffer the consequences
      of our sin until we repent. God Himself is our advocate, Jesus will plead our cause and
      God will forgive.