Answers Genesis 20

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

  1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

  2.  What practical lesson did you learn about the outcome of Lot’s choices?

Day 2 Read Genesis 20 and Genesis 12:10-20

  3. How are the events of Genesis chapter 20 similar to the events of chapter 12?
     1. Abraham left for Egypt without hearing from God.  2. He told Sarah to say she was his sister
      3. The King took her from his harem. 4. God intervened.

  4. How are the events of chapter 20 different than chapter 12 proving they are to
      different events?
     1. The location is different. 2. In Genesis 20 God appears to the king in a dream but God does 
          not appear to the Pharaoh. 3. Pharaoh sent Abraham away and Abimelech tell Abraham to
          dwell where ever he please.

  5. Why do you think Abraham decides to journey to Gerar and why is he acting out of fear and not
       faith? See 1 John 4:18
     Maybe because he saw the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham got his eyes on the
      Circumstances around him and not on his own personal relationship with God.

  6. How could have Abraham’s actions in verse 1 & 2 affect the plan’s God had for him and for
      generations to come?
      God planned to bless all people through the seed of Abraham and Sarah and if something
       happened to Sarah God’s plans would be diverted.

Day 3 Read Genesis 20:3-8
  7. How does God view the taking of another man’s wife? How does this differ from society today?
     God views the taking of another man’s wife punishable by death. Society finds it common
     and sometimes even romantic.

8. How did God restrain Abimelech from sinning with Sarah? See verse 7 & 17-18?
     He allowed sickness to come upon him.

9. Veres 3-8 appear on the surface to be an act of judgment by our Lord; how was it actually an
    act of mercy on Abraham, Sarah and the entire earth?
    See Genesis 12:2-3 and Matthew 1:1-2
     God kept Abimelech from sinning with Sarah so he could preserve the seed he plan to
     bless the whole world.  

Day 4 Read Genesis 20:9-13

  10. Re-read verse 7 what did God call Abraham?
      God called Abraham a prophet. Which means inspired of God.

  11. In this story who displayed more of the character of God Abimelech or Abraham?

  12. What was Abimelech’s response towards Abraham?

  13. What was Abraham’s defense?
      Sarah really is my half sister. He point out it was only a half truth or half lie.

  14. Personal: Have you ever used a “white lie” as a defense to act outside of faith? How
       did your actions affect you and how did your actions affect others?

Day 5 Read Genesis 20:14-18

  15. Who was nobler in this chapter Abimelech or Abraham?

  16. What does this chapter tell you about “the flesh”? See Romans 7:18
     If we do not walk in the Spirit the flesh will rise up and we will find ourselves walking
      in the flesh.

  17. What must be done with the flesh? See Romans 8:1-5
      It must be crucified.

  18. According to these verses; how is the flesh conquered?
       a. Galatians 5:16-18
Walk in the Spirit; be led by the Spirit.

       b. John 6:53-58
         By partaking of the body and blood of Jesus; living in Him; washed in His
         blood and eating His word.
       c. Romans 12:1-2
        By the renewing of the mind.