Answers Mark 5A

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions 

1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

2.What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Mark 5:1-5

3.From verse 2 where did this demonic man live? What does that tell you about the nature of the man?
In the tombs. He lived among the dead, where there is no life. There was no true life in the spirit of 
the man.

4.From verse 2 how is the spirit in the man described?

5.From verse 3-5 what resulted from this possession?
Unclean in spirit and carried through to living in rubble and living among the dead. 
2. Isolation, 3. supernatural strength 4. Torment.

Day 3 Read Mark 5: 6-8

6.What was the first thing this man did?
 Two ways to look at this;
 The man wanted to be set free to be delivered, he no longer wanted to be bound by the enemy. 

 Did not worship Jesus as “Lord” but as “Son of the most high God”

7.From verse 7 what do you learn from the name the demon chose to call Jesus?
It is amazing that that many demons could live in one spirit. 

8.What request did this man make of Jesus? Do you believe the demon possessed man might have know
 the laws of sowing and reaping? 

 Torment me not. The demons had been tormenting his man and did not want to reap what 
 they had sowed. 

Day 4 Read Mark 5:9-20

9.From verse 9 what do we learn about these demons? 

They were many.

10.What does verse 13 show you about the depth of the spirit?

That the spirit is able to house some 2,000 or more demons.

11.What does the request of verse 17 show you about the character of the people of the city?
They cared more for their possessions then for the man and Jesus the man of righteousness. 

Fear, fear of the power of God. 

Day 5 Read Mark 5:6-20

12. Reread this story and find the 4 prayer/requests made by:

A   The chief demon (verses 7,10)
Torment me not and do not send us out of the country. 

B. All the demons (verse 12)
 Send us into the swine.  

C. The Gadarenes (verse 17)
 Depart...leave. Maybe some anger over their loss, When we suffer loss without 
the knowledge of God's love we want nothing to do with him. also fear of the power of God.  

D. The healed man (verses 18-19)
He might stay with Jesus. 

13. What do these requests tell you about each group?
  A. Knew the laws of sowing and reaping. Demons are territorial. B. They would rather live in a pig 
       then to not have a body at all. Also they had to request permission to enter the swine. 
       It was not a process. C. Maybe some anger over their loss, When we suffer loss without the 
       knowledge of God's love we want nothing to do with him. also fear of the power of God.  
       D. The mans deliverance caused him to want to be with Jesus. 

14. Read Hebrews 2:14-15 and explain how this verse can be a comfort to you?
     Jesus became a man that he might die and through his death deliver us who 
     were held in bondage by the devil.