Answers Mark 8 A

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

2. What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Mark 8:1-9

3. From verse 2 what was the driving force behind the miracle Jesus was about to perform?
1. Need.  2. Compassion.

4. Have you ever been moved by this same force to work with Jesus to meet a need that would have been impossible to accomplish on your own? Be prepared to share your answer with the group.

5. Why do you think Jesus repeated this miracle? Review Mark 6:32-44
They are gentiles and Jesus is showing He is the bread of life to all people.

6. What two practical things can you think of that Jesus wants us to learn from this miracle?
1. Start with what you have. 2. The second is a Biblical if you will use what you have it will increase and not decrease.  Give and it shall be given unto you….If you use faith it will increase.

Day 3 Read Mark 8:10-13 Matthew 16:1-5

7. The Old Testament tells us a prophet must give a sign proving he was from God. Why was the Pharisees’ request for a sign wrong in view of what they knew of Jesus?
Their hearts were hardened.

8. How do we refuse Christ’s revelation of Himself today and require a sign from Him?
When you need a sign to believe; a “word” or a physical proof that Jesus heals.

Day 4 Read Mark 8:14-15

9. In what way does the disciples’ misunderstanding of Jesus’ real meaning and warning show both their materialistic preoccupation and their lack of faith? See also Matthew 16:6-12
They were thinking and speaking in the natural realm.

10. What is the leaven of the Pharisees? See Luke 12:1

11. What is the leaven of the Sadducees? See Luke 20:27
They did not believe in the supernatural.

12. From what you know about Herod what might the leaven of Herod or as they are called the Herodians in Mark 12:13

Day 5 Read Mark 8:16-21

13. What is the Lord trying to get the disciples to see or do by asking them these questions?
1. Do you not perceive what I have done? 2. Are your hearts hardened? Open your eyes have ears to hear, remember, perceive and understand beyond the physical realm.

14.When have you focused (seeing not) on your present needs or trails and not on God?

15. What is it to hear not? See also John 16:13
It is not hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

16. Why are there times we do not understand? See John 15:14-15
Because we do not see all the things going on in the realm of the spirit. It is during these times  we need to trust that Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.