Book Excerpts

On March 15, 1977 Jesus came into our lives. Marilyn and I gave our hearts to the Lord on the same day. Having experienced what the world had to offer, we had no desire to return, so we plunged headlong into getting to know the Lord and serve Him.

I can remember Marilyn during this time in our lives praying. “Don’t come yet, Jesus. Let us get our children raised. I want to see our girls get married and see Benjamin graduate from the Air Force Academy. Don’t come yet.”

Mr. Rose, I am sorry to tell you, but there is no hope for you outside of a heart transplant. Some sort of virus has attacked your body. We have not been able to determine what the virus is. It might have been something you contacted recently, or it quite possibly could have been a virus you picked up overseas in Vietnam.

Marilyn’s face turned pale. “I didn’t take the kids. Vickie drove them in my car. I’m sorry, Mom, but I have to go now.” Somehow Marilyn composed herself and said, “Tom, that was your mother. There seems to be some sort of accident on the corner. I’m going out there and see what is going on, I’ll be right back.”

Looking back, I now see that the Lord was in the midst of our suffering, but when we were experiencing the pain of loss, we couldn’t feel His presence. It seems that whenever a person is experiencing loss, whether it be the loss of a child, a spouse, a parent or even a marriage, it is the pain that numbs you to His presence as well as His voice.

I continued to sit there, bent over and crying, when the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. It was not an audible voice, but it was as clear as if it had been:

“If you will stand up and praise me, today I will heal you.”

It took over a year for the doctors to cautiously agree that something miraculous had happened in my life. However, there is one key that I have not mentioned. That is, Marilyn and I chose to forgive.

Are you in the valley of decision? If you are, the decisions you make can, and will, affect eternity.

Stay close to the Lord and press on. He loves you! He will make a way where there is no way. For He truly is the Waymaker.