Questions Mark 1 B

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

2. What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Mark 1:21-39

3.   These verses are a day in the life of Jesus. List the main activities of Jesus that filled that busy day.

4.   Mark uses the words astonished or amazed several times in these verses, what were the people astonished at?

5.   Much of the emphasis of these verses is on the authority that Jesus carried. List some of the things mentioned in THESE VERSES that Jesus had authority over.

Day 3 Read Mark 1:21-34

6.  From Mark 1:21-26 from what was going on at the time; what do you think made the demon manifest itself.
    See also John 8:32

7.  From these verses who recognized Jesus for who He was?

8.   If a person recognizes and confesses who Jesus is does that mean that person saved? Explain your answer.

9.   What detail of this picture of Jesus appeals to you in the miracle of healing the fever.

10.   What did the woman do once she was healed?

11.  Why do you think Jesus command the demons not to speak?

Day 4 Read Mark 1:35-39

12.  How does Jesus’ life show the importance of early morning prayer?

13.  Have you made early morning prayer a habit in your own life? If so can you share how it has made a difference in
     your life?

14.  From Jesus’ statement in Mark 1:38 what do you think He might have been praying about?

Day 5 Read Mark 1:40-45 Matthew 8:5-15

In Acts 2:22 three different words are used to describe the supernatural works of Jesus. They are miracles, wonders and signs. All the supernatural works of Jesus could be consider miracles some evocated wonder in those that saw them while other miracles were outward signs which held deeper spiritual meaning. This next miracle is one that is considered a “sign”.

15. From verses 1:40-45 give at least three attitudes or actions on the part of the leper in his interaction with Jesus
     which are also needed for spiritual cleansing.

16.  Read both accounts of this healing and compare the details. List all the things which impress you about:

a.   The actions of Jesus

b.   The words of Jesus

c.   The emotions of Jesus

d. Which of these points about our Lord mean the most to you?