Questions Mark 2 B - 3 A

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

   1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

   2. What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Mark 2:23-28  Matthew 12:1-8   Deuteronomy 5:12-15   1 Samuel 21:1-6

    3.  Compare the story in Mark with the account given by Matthew. Give and explain points that Jesus
         used to defend His disciples’ action on the Sabbath.

   4. Do you think the disciples actually broke God’s command from Deuteronomy, or did they only break
        the religious traditions of men?

Day 3 Read Mark 3:1-6 & Isaiah 58:1-7

   5. From this story of the man with the withered hand, was Jesus interpreting the letter or the spirit of the

   6.  From Isaiah 58 what is more important to the Lord the letter of the law or the spirit behind the law?   
       Explain your answer.

   7. From Isaiah 58:3 what are the two complaints God’s people make against Him?

   8. From Isaiah 58:3-7 what is God’s answer? From our Lord’s answer what is He really looking for in

Day 4  Isaiah 58:8-14 & James 1:22-27

  9. From the passage in Isaiah list the promises God makes to those who walk in the spirit of God’s

  10. Which of these promises mean the most to you and why?

  11.From the passage in James what does James call the law? Why do you think he place this name on it.

  12. From James 1:26 what causes our religion to be in vain?

  13. What does James say is true religion?

Day 5 Spend some quite time with the Lord and answer these questions.

  14.How much of your thinking is dominated by man’s interpretation of God’s law? Do you see the law
       through the person of Jesus?

  15. Are there good Biblical practices that have only become a tradition in your life?

  16. When looking at your Christian brother or sister do you have a tendency to see their faults or their
      strengths? Pray before you answer this question allowing God to reveal your heart?