Questions Mark 5 B

Day 1 Review Last Weeks Questions

1. From our discussion on the questions or the lecture what stood out the most to you?

2. What have you applied to your life this week from our study last week?

Day 2 Read Mark 5: 21-43

3. Verse 22 states Jairus’ position among the Jewish community, what might lead you to believe Jairus waited until the last minute to ask for Jesus’ help?

4. What do you learn from Jesus’ attitude toward Jairus, who obviously belong to a group who opposed Jesus on every turn?

Day 3 Read Luke 8:40-48

5. There are approximately 7 things that led up to the healing of the woman with the issue of blood. Name as many as you can and give the verse in which you found your answer.

6. What might have life been like for this women? See Leviticus 15:19-28

7. Have religious people ever made you feel unclean? Do their actions draw you to Jesus or turn you away?

8. Considering her situation what does that tell you about determination to receive from Jesus?

9. From Luke 8:47 what does this account give that is omitted in Mark’s version.

10. What was the force behind this woman’s miracle?

Day 4 Read Mark 5:35-43

11. What was Jesus response to this news?

12. When you are seeking the Lord about something and the situation seems to get worse, what is your response? What should your response be? See Luke 18:1-8

Day 5 Re-read Mark 5:35-43

13. Why do you think Jesus only allowed this small group to continue on with Him?

14. When you are praying about something who do you choose to stand with you, everyone or just a few chosen friends? Give reason for your answer?

15. From verse 39 how does Jesus view physical death?

16. Do you think a person who has died is asleep (unconscious) in the grave or is just the body asleep? See 2 Corinthians 5:6-8 and Philippians 1:21-26

17. From the two miracles we studied this week what actions of Jesus or actions in the other characters of these stories, causes you to want to change.